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Golden Age Historical Glasswork | Studded glass
Golden Age Historical Glasswork | Studded glass

Golden Age Historical Glasswork | Studded glass

Turn back time with these beautiful handmade glassworks. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries, glasswork emerged not only considering a design perspective, but greatly from practicality.

Many glasswork, like this replica from Teruska Historical Glass had their entire surface studded with small glass nodules to ensure that greasy hands could get a good grip in a pre-knife and fork era.

The colour green came from the sand of the Czech region, where the glass was made and contained traces of iron ore. This, together with the copper oxide added to the ground wood ash, explains the greenish characteristic of many glasses of that period. They called this ‘forest glass’, referring to the locations of the glass factories of Northern Europe.

Glass size | Ø9 x 13cm

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