Venus Slipper Orchid | in pot
Venus Slipper Orchid | in pot
Venus Slipper Orchid | in pot
Venus Slipper Orchid | in pot

Venus Slipper Orchid | in pot

A Paphiopedilum 'Venus Slipper' orchid is one of the most unusual and inspiring orchids avail on the commercial market.

Watering - Water when the soil feels dry. Care should be taken not to overwater to avoid rotting the roots. Soon you will be able to tell by the weight of the pot whether or not it is time to water again. If in doubt, wait a day.

Light - Paphs belong to the "low" light group of orchids. An east window is ideal; west or south windows can also be used if shaded with a sheer curtain. You can tell by the leaves if the plant is getting too much light.

Flowering - When the blooms are finished, cut the spike down to the level of the leaves. Continue watering and fertilizing and within a year a new growth will spike to begin the blooming cycle again!

Delivered with a green ceramic pot.

Height 40cm

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