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Mooi wat bloemen doen

01 November 2022

Mooi wat bloemen doen

Mooi wat bloemen doen literally translates to "It's beautiful what flowers do". is an initiative of the Flower Council of Holland and lets consumers experience that flowers bring plenty of joy and shares the beauty of flowers with the world. We have created several projects together with Mooi wat bloemen doen now and this time they visited Alexander in the greenhouse, and asked him to give a 'behind the scenes' tour of how a signature piece is created.

Mooi wat bloemen doen published THIS article on their site talking about how to make a floral 'still life', one of our greatest inspirations from the Golden Age of painters. It goes on the say " Just like painters, florists have their own signature", which is indeed very true for us.
A big thanks to Mooi wat bloemen doen and Hotel Rebel for making this possible!