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René & Puck

16 September 2022

René & Puck

René & Puck were clients that had a clear idea that they wanted something a little bit different on their wedding. We created these special table pieces which were made on a base of carved floral foam that cascading down the dining room tables of the restaurant The Unbound, in Amsterdam.

They expressed their ideas to Alexander and he designed an idea of a special 'bloemstuk' with unique and rich characteristic flowers such as echinacea, craspedia, dahlias and cyclamens on a base on white hortensia. Unique and exclusive preserved dandelions sprouted out of a few arrangements to give the entire room a magical and whimsical twist. He also added small interesting details like peppers, cucumbers and fruits. Sometimes it’s all about the details.

The bridal bouquet was simple with dahlias and orchids. We thought we would share a few details until we receive the photos back from the venue!